GSA Actuators

The GSA linear slide actuator is ideal for medium- to high-thrust applications.

GSA Linear Slide Actuators combine an electric rod actuator with guide rods, mounting blocks and bearings. A complete selection of sizes, options and system components are available. The GSA Linear Slide Actuator offers high performance, dependability and mounting flexibility for pivotal applications.

  • 4 U.S. customary and metric body sizes
  • Forces up to 4.2 kN (950 lbf)
  • Wide tooling plate for end effector mounting
  • Choice of linear ball or composite bearings with internal lubrication of guide rods for increased bearing life
  • Standard or oversized guide rod diameter for increased rigidity and lower deflection
  • Stroke lengths up to 914 mm (36 in)

GSA Maximum Stroke

Size GSA 12 GSA 16 GSA 24 GSA 32
Standard 18 in. 24 in. 30 in. 36 in.
Metric 457 mm 609 mm 762 mm 914 mm

GSA Maximum Force

Size GSA 12 GSA 16 GSA 24 GSA 32
Standard 130 lbf. 471 lbf. 850 lbf. 950 lbf.
Metric 578 N 2,095 N 3,781 N 4,226 N

GSA Maximum Load

Size GSA 12 GSA 16 GSA 24 GSA 32
Standard 400 lbs 500 lbs 1,000 lbs 1,200 lbs
Metric 182 kg 227 kg 454 kg 544 kg

GSA Maximum Speed

Size GSA 12 GSA 16 GSA 24 GSA 32
Standard 123 in/sec 123 in/sec 50 in/sec 50 in/sec
Metric 3,124 mm/sec 3,124 mm/sec 1,270 mm/sec 1,270 mm/sec

GSA Features

GSA Actuator Specifications

GSA 12/16 Screw/Nut Specifications US Standard

GSA 12/16 Screw/Nut Specifications Metric

GSA 24/32 Screw/Nut Specifications US Standard

GSA 24/32 Screw/Nut Specifications Metric

GSA 12, 16, 24 Critical Speed Graphs

GSA32 Critical Speed Graph

GSA 12/16 PV Limits

GSA 24/32 PV Limits

GSA Ball Screw Life Graph

GSA Screw Buckling Load

GSA Switch Specifications

GSA Performance Size 12

GSA Performance Size 16

GSA Performance Size 24

GSA Performance Size 32

GSA Actuator Dimensions

GSA Switch Wiring Diagrams & Dimensions

GSA Stop Collar Dimensions

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Tire Reclamation

Challenge: Material reclamation from used tires for use in automotive tire manufacturing
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: GSA24 Guided Rod-Style Screw-Drive Electric Actuators

PPE (Mask) Manufacturing

Challenge: Create a new generation mask-making machine based on the automated workcell concept to improve efficiency, quality and throughput.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W Rodless Actuators & GSA Guided Rod Actuators

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