IMA Series Linear Actuators with an Integrated Servo Motor

Tolomatic’s line of IMA servo linear actuators offer an integrated servo motor for a compact, space saving design. Available in standard and food-grade models with ball and roller screw/nut selections for application flexibility.

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IMA Linear Servo Actuators

Electric rod actuator integrated with a servo motor in a single, compact design that integrates with 3rd party drives and accessories. Forces up to 8,044 lbf (35.8 kN).

IMA-S Stainless Steel Servo Motor

Combines a hygienic electric rod actuator and motor into one package. It is IP69K, built with 316 SST, and works with 3rd party drives and accessories. Forces up to 2,500 lbf (11.1 kN).

IMA Food Grade Servo Actuator

Food grade design combines an electric rod actuator and motor into one design with a white epoxy coating for wash-down environments. Integrates with 3rd party drives and accessories. Forces up to 6,900 lbf (30.6kN).

Why Choose IMA Series Linear Actuators with an Integrated Servo Motor?

Preference for a linear actuator with an integrated servo motor is often driven by the need to simplify design and save on space while maintaining precision and dynamic control.

Having the servo motor and linear actuator in a single unit allows for a more compact design, which is particularly beneficial in applications with limited mounting space like robotics and machinery.

In addition, Integrated Linear Servo Actuators greatly simplify the design, procurement, installation and commissioning process when compared to a separate actuator and motor.

What’s the Difference Between the IMA Linear Servo, IMA-S & IMA Food Grade Actuators?

These three IMA series linear actuators share multiple benefits, including their compact, heavy duty size, flexible feedback options and support for third party drive integration. They can easily be re-lubricated without disassembly, giving them an extremely long service life that makes them appropriate for any application where space and efficiency are valued.

It’s important to note, however, that:

  • IMA-S Stainless Steel Servo Motors are IP69K rated with a hygienic design appropriate for the most demanding food and beverage applications — including was- down.
  • IMA Food Grade Servo Actuators offer protection in wash-down applications and come with a white epoxy food-grade coating, food-grade grease and are available with stainless-steel fasteners, rods and rod ends.

Why Tolomatic IMA Series Actuators?

All of our IMA series linear actuators include integrated servo motors to save space in both ball and roller screw configurations. Providing forces up to 30.6 kN (6875 lbf) even in high duty cycle applications, these actuators use a standard linear servo motor with multiple available feedback options.

Still have questions about which type of integrated servo actuator is the best choice for your unique application? Talk to our engineers.

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Tolomatic’s selection of high-quality, long-lasting rod-style electric linear actuators goes beyond the IMA series. Designed to offer low-maintenance, high-performance motion solutions for a wide variety of industries, feel free to browse additional options.