FS20 Series Spring Applied Disc Brake

The FS20 spring applied disc brake series provides up to 3250 in-lbs (367 Nm) of static torque (based on linings with no wear). FS20 spring applied disc brakes are single acting and can be specified with either hydraulic or pneumatic disc release. Available in floating mount/fixed disc models.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Replaceable high-grade friction material
  • Safety brake with high force storage capabilities
  • Optional EPR seals
  • Accommodates disc diameters up to 16 inches (406 mm)

FS20 Features

FS20 Specs & Torque

FS20 Dimensions

Online Ordering

Part # Description Model Code"A" (in)"B" (in)"C" (in)Disc Thickness (in) Cart
0760-0000 Spring Applied FS20A4.780.50-5/32
0760-0003 Spring Applied, EPR Seals FS20AG4.780.50-5/32
0760-0001 Spring Applied FS20B4.870.59-1/4
0760-0004 Spring Applied, EPR Seals FS20BG4.870.59-1/4
0760-0023 Spring Applied FS20PA6.090.161.595/32
0760-0016 Spring Applied FS20PB6.180.261.681/4

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