Intensifier Kit for Caliper Disc Brakes

Tolomatic’s intensifier is intended for use with all non-spring retracting hydraulic caliper disc brakes and increases the output pressure to obtain the brake’s high torque handling capabilites without the use of high pressure hydraulic systems.

  • Reduce the number of required brake calipers
  • Operates at a 10:1 ratio of output pressure (hydraulic fluid) to input pressure (air)
  •  0.44 cubic inches of displacement

Intensifier Features

Intensifier Specs & Dimensions

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Part # Description Cart
1770-0002 Intensifier Kit: Intensifier with Buna-N seals, Reservoir, Check Valve, and Pipe Nipple
1770-0003 Intensifier Kit: Intensifier with EPR Seals, Reservoir, Check Valve, and Pipe Nipple
1770-0004 Intensifier Kit: Intensifier with Viton Seals, Reservoir, Check Valve, and Pipe Nipple

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