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    Explore Electric Linear Actuators with force capabilities that equal or surpass hydraulic systems. Understand the advantages of electrification for clean, continuous, control in high duty cycle applications. See how Tolomatic can help simplify the design process.

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    White Paper:
    Unleashing the Capabilities of the Linear Servo Press in Manufacturing

    This whitepaper explores how linear and mechanical servo press technologies compare with hydraulic presses and the key design considerations.

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    Benefits of Electric Linear Motion Systems over Hydraulic Systems

    • Control, Feedback & Data Collection: An actuator’s servo motor/drive system provides precise measurement and control of position, speed, acceleration, and force (torque). This information is available on a continuous basis for tracking and auditing purposes.
    • Life and Maintenance: Properly sized and applied electric actuators have a long service life and require minimal maintenance.
    • Safety: Light curtain, 2 hand control, guarding configurations available.
    • Environmental Concerns: Electric actuators do not contain fluids and therefore do not pose the contamination hazard of hydraulic systems. In addition, temperature fluctuations have less impact on electric actuators.

    Designing and Building a Complete Solution

    Design and model the correct Tolomatic actuator into your press.

    Select an E-Press from proven pre-engineered designs

    • Includes electric motor, actuator and fixture
    • Pre-engineered designs, stroke configurable
    • Specify the motor of your choice with Tolomatic’s Your Motor Here program

    Easy three step process to a custom solution

    • Tolomatic can collaborate through our local distributor or work with your systems integrator
    • Use this service for new systems or difficult retrofit challenges
    Begin with:
    Key Design Considerations
    Quote and Order
    Download pre-configured gantry system CAD model​
    Pre-set configurations can be ordered as is or identify any needed modifications:
    Find your Distributor
    or​ Request a Quote

    Webinar On Demand:
    “Tired of hydraulic grime & scrap? There’s a better way”

    Electromechanical actuators can provide superior performance over hydraulic cylinders in many applications – through improved precision, flexibility and reliability. This webinar covers:

    • Considerations for making a change from hydraulics
    • Benefits of electric linear motion systems
    • Total cost of ownership
    • Important tips for converting from an existing hydraulic system to an all-electric solution

    Customer Stories

    Bottom line: What do customers have to say about working with us? Check it out…

    Tube-bending machines make parts
    for objects we take for granted every day.

    Tube-Bending Machine

    The servo controlled RSX actuator allowed the OEM
    to create quick and easy changeover procedures
    to accommodate any wheel size.

    Wheel Bearing Press

    Although the hydraulic cylinders could achieve
    the forces required for the application,
    they could not deliver the force repeatability and accuracy
    to achieve a high level of part quality.

    Powertrain Assembly

    With a precise servo controlled electric actuator system,
    the OEM was able to completely eliminate defective parts
    from the pressing operation.

    Air Bag Production

    The hydraulic system was not very efficient
    and cost thousands each year to operate.

    Tire Inspection Press

    Electric Pressing Products

    RSX Extreme Force Electric Rod Actuators

    Roller screw driven

    Forces up to 50,000 lbf (222 kN)

    Flexible motor mounts

    RSA-HT Heavy Duty Electric Rod Actuators

    Add any servo motor

    Forces up to 13,039 lbf (58 kN)

    Economical ball screw options

    IMA Integrated Servo Motor Actuators

    Integrated servo motor design

    Forces up to 6,875 (30.6 kN)

    Compatible with many servo drives

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