Rodless Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Tolomatic high speed linear belt driven actuators offer stroke lengths up to 400 inches with optimal repeatability and high duty cycle performance in a variety of body sizes.

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MXB-P Actuators

Linear actuator that uses a profiled rail bearing and belt drive train to move heavy loads at high speeds. Loads up to 1,290 lbs (586 kg).

MXB-U Actuators

Belt driven actuator is designed for applications where loads are externally guided and supported and high speeds are required. Forces up to 420 lbf (1.9 kN).

MXB-S Actuators

Compact belt drive linear actuator for use in applications requiring light to moderate load carrying with guidance and high speeds. Loads up to 520 lbs (236 kg).

B3W Actuators

B3W linear belt drive actuators have an enclosed ball bearing design for heavy loads, high bending moments, and long service life.

Belt Driven Linear Actuator Use Cases

Tolomatic belt driven linear actuators can and are used for many different applications in many different industries, including:

Which Is Better: Belt Driven or Ball Screw Actuators?

Belt driven linear actuators offer advantages over ball screw actuators in certain motion system applications due to their:

  • Extended stroke length capabilities
  • Quiet operation
  • Ability to achieve high speeds and accelerations
  • Lightweight and flexible design

Additionally, the compact and modular design of belt-driven systems offers greater flexibility in overall system design for those with unique application needs. The choice between the two will always depend on specific application requirements including speed, precision, load capacity and budget.

Why Tolomatic Belt Driven Linear Actuators?

Each of our belt driven linear actuators has its own unique features and benefits. For example:

  • The B3W linear belt drive actuator delivers 100% duty cycle and a long service life.
  • The MXB-U belt driven actuator is compact and great for applications where higher speeds are desired but loads are supported by existing supports.
  • The MXB-P actuator provides optimal performance at high speeds via a profiled rail system with recirculating ball linear guides and belt drive train.
  • The MXB-S features a trapezoidal, self-cleaning bearing system that makes it a good choice for applications in high-particulate environments.

Have additional questions about which of our products is the best option for your application? Talk to our engineers.

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