H/ME20 Series Hydraulic/Mechanical Brake

The H/ME20 hydraulic and mechanical brakes are single acting and can be specified with long, short, or machined cam levers.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Replaceable high-grade friction material
  • Optional Buna-N seals and floating bracket
  • Maximum disc diameter of 16 inches (406 mm)

H/ME20 Features

H/ME20 General Specs & Sizing

H/ME20 Performance Data

H/ME20 Long Lever Dimensions

H/ME20 Machined CAM & Short Lever Dimensions

Online Ordering

Part # Description Disc Thickness (in)"A" (in)"B" (in)Model Code"C" (in) Cart
0755-0660 Long Lever 5/320.160.25HME20LACG-
0755-0370 Long Lever, Buna-N Seals 1/40.160.34HME20LBC0.09
0755-0670 Long Lever 1/40.160.34HME20LBCG0.09
0755-0260 Long Lever, Floating Bracket, Buna-N Seals 5/320.160.25HME20LAFC-
0755-0560 Long Lever, Floating Bracket 5/320.160.25HME20LAFCG-
0755-0270 Long Lever, Floating Bracket, Buna-N Seals 1/40.160.34HME20LBFC0.09
0755-0570 Long Lever, Floating Bracket 1/40.160.34HME20LBFCG0.09
0755-0300 Machined Cam, Buna-N Seals 5/320.110.25HME20MAC-
0755-0600 Machined Cam 5/320.110.25HME20MACG-
0755-0310 Machined Cam, Buna-N Seals 1/40.110.34HME20MBC0.09
0755-0610 Machined Cam 1/40.110.34HME20MBCG0.09
0755-0510 Machined Cam, Floating Bracket 1/40.110.34HME20MBFCG0.09
0755-0630 Short Lever 5/320.160.25HME20SACG-
0755-0640 Short Lever 1/40.160.34HME20SBCG0.09
0755-0230 Short Lever, Floating Bracket, Buna-N Seals 5/320.160.25HME20SAFC-
0755-0530 Short Lever, Floating Bracket 5/320.160.25HME20SAFCG-
0755-0540 Short Lever, Floating Bracket 1/40.160.34HME20SBFCG0.09

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