Rodless Band Pneumatic Cylinders

Tolomatic’s band-type rodless pneumatic actuators provide optimal moment load control and a variety of options to offer the widest range of performance specifications. Whether it is opening a door of a machining center, or moving pallets of parts into position there is a Tolomatic band-type rodless pneumatic actuator for your application.

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MXP-N Compact Air Cylinders

MXP-N internal bearing compact air cylinder offers a space-saving design over typical rod type air cylinders.

MXP-S Air Cylinders

The MXP-S solid bearing long stroke pneumatic air cylinder offers a large carrier mounting pattern for load stability.

MXP-P Profiled Air Cylinders

MXP-P profiled rail air actuators offer high load carrying capacities, low profile and smooth motion.

BC3 Band Cylinder

Tolomatic BC3 heavy duty pneumatic actuators are designed specifically for large load carrying capacities.

BC2 Band Cylinder

BC2 pneumatic band cylinders provide multiple mounting options and a wide variety of load carrying capacities.

LS Linear Slide

LS pneumatic linear slides are an excellent choice for X-Y configurations or where space constraints are a factor.