Rodless Linear Screw Actuators

Tolomatic offer rodless linear screw actuators with acme, ball and roller screw configurations. Each rodless linear screw actuator is built with Tolomatic’s Endurance Technology features for optimal performance.

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Rodless Linear Screw Actuators

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MXE-P Screw Driven Actuators

Screw driven electric rodless design with profiled rail bearing system for large loads and high bending moments. Loads up to 1,290 lbs (586 kg).

MXE-S Screw Actuators

Screw driven electric rodless design with solid bearing carrier for a long service life ideal for moderate loads. Loads up to 520 lbs (236 kg).

B3S Ball Screw Linear Actuators

Tolomatic B3S ball screw linear actuators have an enclosed ball bearing design that accommodates heavy loads, high bending moments to deliver long service life.

TRS Twin Profile Rail Stage with Enclosed Design

Rugged stage with twin profile rails and a machined base, providing a highly rigid and accurate actuator. Mult-axis configurations are standard and ideal for adding a 7th degree of freedom for robots. Loads up to 1,360 lbs (615 kg).

TKS Precision Linear Actuators for X-Y Tables and Stages

TKS electric precision linear actuators offer a dual profile rail with wide, low profile base ideal for XY tables/stages and XYZ systems.

BCS Rodless Screw Actuators

Tolomatic BCS rodless screw actuators provide good tracking and superior load support. View the product details.

SLS Electric Linear Slide Actuator

SLS electric linear slide actuators guidance system uses recirculating bearings on ground steel shafts for long life.