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    Robust Gantry Systems Designed to Accommodate
    High Duty Cycle, Large Weight & Size

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    Easy Three Step Design Process

    1. Download pre-configured multi-axis gantry system CAD model

    2. Identify needed modifications and preferences

    3. Find Your Distributor​ or Request a Quote

    Two Axis XX’-Y(D) Gantry

    24 x 24 CAD File  –  36 x 36 CAD File  –  48 x 48 CAD File

    Two Axis XX’-YY'(D) Gantry

    24 x 24 CAD File  –  36 x 36 CAD File  –  48 x 48 CAD File

    Three Axis XX’-Y(D)-Z Gantry

    24 x 24 CAD File  –  48 x 48 CAD File

    Three Axis XX’-YY'(D)-Z Gantry

    24 x 24 CAD File

    When Do You Need a Custom Designed Gantry System?

    If you have weight, force or size challenges that don’t fit standard gantry system designs, you can always go custom. Tolomatic offers flexible, robust, high duty multi axis gantry systems to meet your needs. We make gantry systems bigger, stronger and more configurable — whatever you need to get the job done.

    • Configurable, built-to-order solutions
    • Maximize flexibility, speed, efficiency and throughput
    • Easy integration with existing systems using “Your Motor Here”
    • Flexible mounting, including carrier mounting
    • Engineered to meet unique load, force and size requirements


    Simplified Gantry Design

    Designing and building the complete solution for your challenge

    Begin with:
    Key Design Considerations
    Quote and Order
    Download pre-configured gantry system CAD model​
    Pre-set configurations can be ordered as is or identify any needed modifications:
    Find your Distributor
    or​ Request a Quote

    Read our White Paper on
    “Designing Gantry and Multi-Axis Automation Systems”

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