One-Piece Hub & Disc

Tolomatic one-piece hub and disc is available in a 6-inch disc size and can be used with pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or spring applied brakes.

  • G3000 cast iron
  • Flat within .010 inch (.25 mm)
  • 80 (RMS) micro-inch finish
  • Two key sizes

One-Piece Hub & Disc Features

One-Piece Hub & Disc Specs & Dimensions

Online Ordering

Part # Description Bore (in)Key Size (in)DIM "A" (in)Weight Cart
0801-1210 One-Piece Hub & Disc 1.00.188 x .188.190/.1881.80
0801-1230 One-Piece Hub & Disc 1.00.25 x .125.253/.2511.80

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