JVL Integrated Servo & Stepper Motors

Tolomatic and JVL Partnership

Tolomatic has partnered with JVL to provide integrated servo and stepper motors paired with Tolomatic’s broad range of configurable actuators. JVL’s innovative motors are integrated with the drive control electronics, providing a flexible motion control solution that can exist outside of the control cabinet.

JVL Integrated Motor Features:

  • High efficiency, quiet and maintenance free operation
  • Fast installation with fewer opportunities for wiring errors
  • Easy setup and configuration, featuring JVL’s MacTalk® software
  • Broad range of communication option
  • Added features like Safe-Torque-Off and Absolute multi-turn encoders on listed premium configurations

JVL Resources



User Manual for All MAC Motors + All BASIC Communication Modules

User Manual for All Closed Loop MIS motors + All BASIC Communication Options

Supplementary User Manual for Industrial Ethernet Communication

User Manual for Open Loop MIS Motors