Can Lid Transfer

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: MXB Belt-driven Actuator JVL controller/drive/motor
Product Type: Standard & Modified

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 120 inches
Speed: 37.5 in/sec
Load: 44 lbs
Thrust: 47 lbf

Application Description:  
Pick and place can lid transfer for handling and packaging equipment

The long stroke pneumatic cylinders used in a lid transfer application did not have the repeatability or smooth operation the customer was looking for to operate their robotic tray system. The customer was looking to replace the pneumatic actuators with electric actuators.

Tolomatic Solution:
MXB belt-driven actuators with a JVL controller/drive/motor option were selected to operate the end-of-arm tooling in their robotic tray system which also consisted of an in-feed system, drawer accumulation system, and a discharge system. The actuators were mounted underneath the lid trays of the machine and automated an arm which lowered when the trays filled with lids. The lids were then pushed off onto the next machine operation.

Customer Benefit:

  • Smooth, repeatable operation
  • Eliminated need for cabinet space with integrated motor