H10 Series Hydraulic Disc Brake

The H10 hydraulic disc brake series provides up to 5000 in-lbs (565 Nm) of torque at a maximum pressure of 1000 PSI (68.95 bar). The H10 hydraulic disc brake series offers single acting and double acting models.

  • Durable aluminum construction 
  • Replaceable high-grade friction material
  • Buna-N seals are standard with EPR and Viton® seals as optional
  • Accommodates disc diameters up to 16 inches (406 mm)
  • Other options include retractable pistons and floating bracket

H10 Features

H10 Specs & Torque

H10 Dimensions

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Part # Description Disc Thickness (in)"A" (in)"B" (in)Model Code"C" (in)"D" (in) Cart
0701-0010 Double Acting 5/323.500.28H10DAC--
0701-0011 Double Acting, EPR Seals 5/323.500.28H10DACG--
0708-0010 Double Acting, Retractable Pistons 5/323.500.28H10DARC--
0708-0011 Double Acting, Retr Pist, EPR Seals 5/323.500.28H10DARCG--
0702-0010 Double Acting 1/43.500.38H10DBC--
0702-0011 Double Acting, EPR Seals 1/43.500.38H10DBCG--
0709-0010 Double Acting, Retractable Pistons 1/43.500.38H10DBRC--
0709-0011 Double Acting, Retr Pist, EPR Seals 1/43.500.38H10DBRCG--
0705-0010 Single Acting 5/32--H10SAC3.00-
0705-0008 Single Acting, EPR Seals 5/32--H10SACG3.00-
0703-0010 Single Acting 1/4--H10SBC3.000.09
0705-0011 Single Acting, Floating Bracket 5/32--H10SAFC3.75-
0705-0009 Single Acting, Floating Bracket, EPR Seals 5/32--H10SAFCG3.75-
0703-0013 Single Acting, Floating Bracket 1/4--H10SBFC3.750.09

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