FS595 Series Ductile Iron Spring Applied Disc Brake

The FS595 spring applied disc brake series provides up to 31,000 in-lbs (3502 Nm) of static torque (based on linings with no wear). FS595 spring applied disc brakes are double acting with floating mount and fixed disc.

  • Durable ductile iron construction
  • Replaceable high-grade friction material
  • Safety brake with high force storage capabilities
  • Minimum disc diamater of 14 inches (355 mm) and maximum disc diameter of 16 inches (406 mm)
  • Optional Viton® seals

FS595 Features

FS595 Specs & Torque

FS595 Dimensions

Online Ordering

Part # Description Disc Thickness (in)Model Code Cart
0781-0011 Double Acting, Iron, Manual Wear Compensator 1/2FS595DCIKE
0781-0018 Double Acting, Iron, Manual Wear Compensator 1-1/4FS595DCIKO
0781-0000 Double Acting, Iron, Manual Wear Compensator 1-1/2FS595DCIKQ
0781-0001 Double Acting, Iron, Manual Compensator, Viton® Seals 1-1/2FS595DCIKQV

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