Planetary Roller Screws

High Force and Efficient Operation in a
Compact Package

Roller screws—also called planetary roller screws—have precision-ground screw threads that match multiple precision-ground rollers in the nut. These rolling elements provide more points of contact, allowing for higher force capability and longer life. Tolomatic roller screws set themselves apart by having a very deep case (surface) hardness and a high Dynamic Load Rating (DLR*).

Tolomatic manufactures thousands of roller screws per year for applications around the world.

How do we ensure top-tier performance for our roller screws?

Tolomatic’s planetary roller screws are manufactured in the United States using state-of-the-art equipment to maintain strict tolerances and the highest quality standards.

  • Configurable stroke lengths
  • Industry best lead times
  • Extensive quality testing and verification completed in-house
  • Extended lifetime, no matter how demanding the location or application
  • Appropriate for smaller, lightweight designs and machine concepts

Roller Screw Features

Roller Screw Overview

Roller Screw vs. Ball Screws/ Estimating Life

Roller Screw Selection Formula

Roller Screw Dimensions & Specifications

Cheese Cutting

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSH30 Hygienic Electric Actuators

Roller Positioning on Timber Planer

Challenge: Eliminate hydraulics to position rollers on a timber planer
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA64 HT

Kiln In-feed Control

Challenge: A lumber processing equipment company needed to replace existing hydraulic cylinders used to control the feed rate of lumber carts as they entered a drying kiln.
Product Family: RSX
Product Used: RSX15

Motion Simulation

Challenge: Replace an existing hydraulic system with an electric actuator to simulate vibrations and other distubances in a motion simulator.
Product Family: IMA Integrated Motor Actuator
Product Used: IMA44

Injection Molding-Hot Runner

Challenge: An injection molding OEM was struggling with long lead times from their existing electric actuator supplier.
Product Family: IMA Integrated Motor Actuator
Product Used: IMA

Casting Operation

Challenge: A manufacturer of high-quality castings needed an electric actuator to replace existing high maintenance hydraulic actuators.
Product Family: RSX Extreme Force Rod-Style Electric Actuator
Product Used: RSX15

Aseptic Plastic Injection Molding

Challenge: Precise positioning of product, blowers, sealers, welders, and more.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: IMA Integrated Motor Actuator

Powertrain Assembly

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA & RSX Actuators

Roller Screw Ordering