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Electric Linear Actuators for the Automotive Industry

High Duty Cycle Linear Motion for Precision and Reliability

Rigorous production and quality requirements in the automotive industry demand innovative, high duty cycle linear motion solutions for precision and reliability. Tolomatic’s broad product line of linear actuators meet production challenges throughout the automotive supply chain.  If existing designs don’t meet a unique automotive production challenge, our engineering staff can design an actuator that does.

Our engineering experts stand ready to collaborate with customers to tailor customized solutions to meet their motion challenges. Tailoring electric linear actuators designs to meet customer needs is in our DNA at Tolomatic.  Start the conversation, Ask an Engineer.

Where are Tolomatic Electric Linear Actuators Used
in the Automotive Industry?

Our electric linear actuators are applied to meet challenges throughout the automotive production process. Some examples:

  • Press Shop – Metal forming, handling,  die exchanges, packing, part transport
  • Body Shop Assembly – Clamping, welding, resistance spot welding, adhesive dispensing, clinching, hemming
  • Paint Shop – Dispensing paint, adhesive and sealants, spraying insulation
  • Final Assembly – Conveying, lifting stations, part positioning, pressing
  • Quality Inspection – Positioning of inspection systems

In automotive component manufacturing by Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, there are countless application examples:

  • Injection molded parts – Part ejection, mold positioning, part handling, pick & place
  • Powertrain – Honing, conveying, part positioning, pressing, forming and bending
  • Batteries and trays – Micro and projection welding, crimping, pressing, tray welding
  • Electronic components – Pick & place, pogo pin testing, sorting, camera for parts inspection
  • Interior components – Welding, forming and bending, cutting, testing
  • Exhaust system components – Tube bending, welding, tube flaring, parts insertion, crimping
  • Tires – Product feeder, rubber cutting, tire turn-up, green tire transfer

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Steering Linkage Test

Application Description: Pull Tester Assembly – Pull test for steering/strut linkage assemblies

Welding & Inspection

Application Description: Positioning a thermal welding device and camera system that verifies each weld for quality.

High Speed Train Wheel Steering

Application Description
An actuator to steer the wheels of a high-speed train car, to reduce the wear caused by curves in the track.

Product Used: Modified IMA44 Integrated Linear Servo Actuator
Product Type: Modified Standard

Auto Body Spot Welding

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: GSWA ServoWeld® Actuator

Fuel Line Processing

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA Rod Actuator

Small Engine Assembly

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: JVL Servo Motor and RSA Actuator

Ultrasonic Welding

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: Custom

Parts Stamping

Challenge: Raising a metal parts stamping safety cage
Product Family: Pneumatic
Product Used: MXP40N Band Cylinder

Cleaning Equipment

Challenge: Diesel fuel filter cleaning
Product Family: Pneumatic
Product Used: MXP-S long stroke pneumatic air cylinder

Air Bag Production

Challenge: Assembling cartridges for air bag deployment.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSX Extreme Force Electric Linear Actuator

Wheel Bearing Press

Challenge: Wheel bearing press.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSX Extreme Force Electric Linear Actuator

Powertrain Assembly

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA & RSX Actuators

Auto Body Spot Welding (CSWX)

Challenge: Resistance spot welding (RSW) chassis
Product Family: Electric Rod Style Actuator
Product Used: CSWX

GSWA33 ServoWeld® Servo Actuators

Design that combines an electric rod actuator with guide rods, mounting blocks, and bearings. Ideal for applications requiring guidance and support of the load. Forces up to 950 lbf (4.2 kN).

GSWA04 ServoWeld® Servo Actuators

Integrated spot welding actuators offering a spot welding solution for forces up to 3,300 lbf (14.7kN).

RSA-HT Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuators

The RSA-HT heavy duty electric rod linear actuator accommodates larger motors and delivers high force with excellent accuracy and high speed. These high force electric linear actuators feature ball or roller screw selections, an enhanced high thrust bearing, and heavy duty internal bumpers. The standard grease zerk extends screw life by making relubrication easy and convenient without disassembly. RSA-HT actuators are suitable for valve actuation, punch press, injection molding and a wide range of other application.

MXP-N Compact Air Cylinders

MXP-N internal bearing compact air cylinder offers a space-saving design over typical rod type air cylinders.

MXP-S Air Cylinders

The MXP-S solid bearing long stroke pneumatic air cylinder offers a large carrier mounting pattern for load stability.

CSW Compact ServoWeld® Integrated Actuators

A compact, integrated servo motor/actutator used in robotic resistance spot welding applications. Forces up to 3,510 lbf (15.6kN).

RSX High Force Electric Linear Actuators

Hydraulic-class electric linear actuators that are roller screw driven, and provide extremely high forces, precision, and long life. Ideal for hydraulic replacement. Forces up to 66,000 lbf (294 kN).