CSWX Compact ServoWeld® Integrated Actuators

ServoWeld® CSWX integrated servo spot welding actuator offers high performance in a compact package

The Compact ServoWeld® Actuator (CSWX) is the latest generation of ServoWeld actuators offering high force capability in a smaller package. Its modular design allows the CSWX to more easily adapt to project variability and supports our global manufacturing strategy. Tolomatic’s ServoWeld family of lighter weight integrated servo motor actuators for resistance spot welding (RSW) provide a cost-effective actuator design and best-in-class performance.

CSWX integrated servo motor actuators offer:
  • 30+ million welds in typical welding applications with proper maintenance
  • Standard roller screw with highest dynamic load rating for more welds over competing roller screws, ball screws or pneumatic actuators
  • Skewed motor windings designed for welding minimizes motor cogging for the best force repeatability
  • Compact actuator design
  • Forces to 4,047 lbf (18 kN)
  • Optional Features
    • Water cooling
    • Force feedback

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