Slide-Rite® CR Corrosion Resistant, Compact 1 to 1 Ratio Right Angle Gearbox

Tolomatic’s compact, corrosion resistant Slide-Rite® right angle gearbox offers a small package but is capable of delivering up to 588 in-lbs (66.4 Nm) of torque with a wash down ready design.

  • High torque ball bearing design
  • Solid one-piece aluminum housing seals gears from outside contaminants for smooth operation
  • Corrosion resistant nickel plated geared sleeves, keys and retaining rings
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel balls and races
  • Right- or left-hand rotation to convert power either direction
  • Easily slides axially along the drive or driven shaft for flexible positioning
  • Leakproof performance for excellent service life

Slide-Rite CR: Compact 1:1 Features

Slide-Rite CR: Compact 1:1 Specs & Dimensions

Slide-Rite CR Rotation and Installation Guidelines

Online Ordering

Part # Description Rotation"A" Bore Size"B" Bore SizeWeight Cart
0120-0420 Slide-Rite CR: Compact 1:1 (U.S. Customary) RH1/2"1/2"2.7 lbs
0121-0420 Slide-Rite CR: Compact 1:1 (U.S. Customary) LH1/2"1/2"2.7 lbs
0122-0420 Slide-Rite CR: Compact 1:1 (U.S. Customary) RH1/2"5/8"2.6 lbs
0123-0420 Slide-Rite CR: Compact 1:1 (U.S. Customary) LH1/2"5/8"2.6 lbs
0124-0420 Slide-Rite CR: Compact 1:1 (U.S. Customary) RH5/8"5/8"2.5 lbs
0125-0420 Slide-Rite CR: Compact 1:1 (U.S. Customary) LH5/8"5/8"2.5 lbs

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Slide-Rite CR Rotation & Selection Guidelines