Metals & Fabrication

Vacuum Induction Furnace

Application Description:
Using vacuum induction melting to heat treat and refine ingot material/chemistry for use in a variety of different molds

Spray Coating

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W Rodless Actuator

Metals & Fabrication

Challenge: This application required an electric rodless actuator to sort metal strips through a machine by operating a sorting wall back and forth.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W Linear Belt-Drive Actuators

Casting Operation

Challenge: A manufacturer of high-quality castings needed an electric actuator to replace existing high maintenance hydraulic actuators.
Product Family: RSX Extreme Force Rod-Style Electric Actuator
Product Used: RSX096

B3W Linear Belt-Drive Actuators

B3W linear belt drive actuators have an enclosed ball bearing design for heavy loads, high bending moments, and long service life.

RSA-HT Heavy Duty, High Force Electric Rod Actuators

High force, heavy duty electric rod actuators ideal for mounting large motors. Replace hydraulic cylinders with the RSA-HT with a roller screw option in challenging environments. Forces up to 13,000 lbf (58.0 kN).