Metals & Fabrication

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W Linear Belt-Drive Actuator
Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements:
Stroke: 204 inches
Speed: 200 in/sec
Torque: 112.8 in-lbs
Acceleration: 1,200 in/sec2

Application Description:  
This application required an electric rodless actuator to sort metal strips through a machine by operating a sorting wall back and forth.    

A metal fabricator needed to move a sorting wall back and forth, which allowed for the sorting of metal strips. A gearhead of choice had been selected and an electric actuator compatible with their gearhead was required. Quick delivery was necessary to get them up and running fast. Common industry lead times of 6 weeks were not acceptable.

Tolomatic Solution:
A B3W15 linear belt-drive actuator was selected to provide fast delivery and match the quick speed requirements. Tolomatic’s Your Motor Here motor matching database provided the required custom mounting configuration to match their motor/gearhead combination. The complete actuator package with custom motor mount was built in 5 days.  

Customer Benefit:

  • Fast delivery increased productivity
  • Internal design time saved with custom motor mount/actuator package
  • Consistent, reliable performance