BCS Linear Actuators

BCS rodless screw actuators are designed for carrying light to moderate loads at a low price.

The BCS rodless screw actuator guidance system uses a patented adjustable carrier bracket that transmits the load to the cylinder body instead of the screw for good tracking, superior load support and controlled minimum friction load. The screw actuator’s patented band retention system forms a tight metal-to-metal seal keeping contaminants out.

  • 3 actuator body sizes
  • Maximum loads range from 27 to 272 kg (60 to 600 lbs) depending on load carrying selection
  • Same envelope size as the B3S Series Screw Drive electric cylinder
  • 12 U.S. dimensional screw/nut combinations
  • 12 metric screw/nut combinations
  • Strokes are available in any incremental length up to 3048 mm (120 in) depending on screw selections

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