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Electric Linear Actuators in Plastic & Rubber Product Manufacturing Improve the Bottom Line

Optimizing Productivity and Quality with Electric Linear Actuators

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For Plastic Product Manufacturing Processes

With clean, consistent, motion control, Tolomatic’s electric linear actuators are optimizing productivity, tool life, and part quality in plastic product manufacturing.  Going electric eliminates costly hydraulic fluid leaks and minimizes downtime, maintenance and part contamination. Electric linear actuators are critical for productivity, providing consistent reliability in high duty cycle applications.

Tolomatic offers a full range of electric designs with various screw drive technologies to provide solutions for every axis of motion on molding and automation equipment.  Built to order and built to last, our planetary roller screw actuators provide the ultimate in high speed, high force and responsive performance in a compact profile.  Application solutions include:

  • Injection molding: Mold positioning, core pull, gate valve control, part ejection
  • Plastic thermoforming: Extrusion, die positioning
  • Blow molding: Mold positioning, clamping
  • Ultrasonic welding

For Rubber Product Manufacturing Processes

Benefits of clean, consistent, control with electric linear actuators in rubber product manufacturing reduce total production cost.  Hydraulics have traditionally been the source of linear motion in rubber product production.  However, eliminating hydraulic leaks with electric linear actuators translates to improved productivity, accuracy, product quality, and safety on the manufacturing floor.  Consistent high duty cycle reliability of Tolomatic electric actuators means improved uptime and lower maintenance costs. Control capabilities of electric linear actuators enable linear motion optimization opportunities on virtually every axis impacting production.

For tire manufacturing, there are applications for electric linear actuators — both rod style and rodless designs —  throughout the production process.  A few examples:

  • Material lifting conveyors
  • Rubber cutting
  • Product feeding
  • Tire turn up
  • Green tire transfer
  • Tire inspection processes
  • Gantry system diverting & sorting

Our application engineering team is experienced in linear motion solutions for plastic and rubber product manufacturing processes.  Consult with us to help optimize your processes: Ask an Engineer.

Plastics & Rubber Success Stories

Plastics &  Rubber Resources

Plastics & Rubber Products

Tire Manufacturing

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: MXB belt drive actuator

Plastic Bottle Bagging

Challenge: Automated bagging of empty molded bottles for transporting
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W Linear Belt-Drive Actuators

Rubber Cutting

Challenge: Rubber cutting in automotive tire manufacturing.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: MXB Belt-Drive Electric Rodless Actuators

Product Feeder

Challenge: Product feeding in automotive tire manufacturing.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA32 Screw-Drive Electric Rod-Style Actuators

Tire Turn Up

Challenge: Turn up fabric reinforced and gum plies around the bead of the green (raw) tire
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA64 Screw-Drive Electric Rod-Style Actuators

Green Tire Transfer

Challenge: Transferring tire in & out of curing station during automotive tire manufacturing
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA32 Screw-Drive Electric Rod-Style Actuators

Tire Reclamation

Challenge: Material reclamation from used tires for use in automotive tire manufacturing
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: GSA24 Guided Rod-Style Screw-Drive Electric Actuators

Aseptic Plastic Injection Molding

Challenge: Precise positioning of product, blowers, sealers, welders, and more.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: IMA Integrated Motor Actuator

MXB-U Actuators

Belt driven actuator is designed for applications where loads are externally guided and supported and high speeds are required. Forces up to 420 lbf (1.9 kN).

MXB-P Actuators

Linear actuator that uses a profiled rail bearing and belt drive train to move heavy loads at high speeds. Loads up to 1,290 lbs (586 kg).

RSA-HT Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuators

The RSA-HT heavy duty electric rod linear actuator accommodates larger motors and delivers high force with excellent accuracy and high speed. These high force electric linear actuators feature ball or roller screw selections, an enhanced high thrust bearing, and heavy duty internal bumpers. The standard grease zerk extends screw life by making relubrication easy and convenient without disassembly. RSA-HT actuators are suitable for valve actuation, punch press, injection molding and a wide range of other application.

B3W Actuators

B3W linear belt drive actuators have an enclosed ball bearing design for heavy loads, high bending moments, and long service life.

IMA Linear Servo Actuators

Electric rod actuator integrated with a servo motor in a single, compact design that integrates with 3rd party drives and accessories. Forces up to 8,044 lbf (35.8 kN).