Tire Diverting & Sorting

Product Family: Pneumatic

Product Used: MXP63P Rodless Band Cylinder with Profiled Rail Bearing

Product Type: Standard

Application Description: 

Diverting and sorting various size auto and truck tires during manufacturing.   


A tire manufacturer had used pneumatic units from three competitors, each failed because of carrier moment loading issues.  This resulted in unscheduled downtime, overtime expense, and re-work.  The units were not durable enough to withstand the 24/7 application demands of diverting and sorting various size tires (including large truck tires.)  

Tolomatic Solution:

The MXP63P rodless band cylinder with profiled rail bearing proved to be a robust solution and provided more machine flexibility for various tire sizes. Tolomatic profiled rail rodless band cylinders have been in continuous operation for several years without any issues.

Customer Benefit:

  • Eliminated costs of unscheduled downtime, overtime, and re-work
  • Significantly reduced electric utility costs and increased efficiency 
  • Improved machine flexibility to handle a variety of tire sizes without manual changeover