1208 Series Pneumatic Cone Clutches

The 1208 series pneumatic cone clutch offers 10 times the heat dissapation as the 1308 series cone clutches with up to 750 BTU/hour at 1800 RPMs.

  • 5/8-, 3/4- and 7/8-inch bore sizes (15.9, 19.1 and 22.2 mm)
  • High torque with no slippage
  • Fast response based on low air consumption

1208 Clutch Features

1208 Clutch Specs and Torque Performance

1208 Clutch Response Times, Heat Dissipation & Dimensions

Clutch Performance Comparison

Online Ordering

Part # Description "B" Bore Diameter (in) Cart
1208-0012 Clutch 1208-12 -
1208-0014 Clutch 1208-14 2.00

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