Clean, Continuous, Control
with Hygienic Electric Linear Actuators

Linear Motion for Wash-Down, Clean-in-Place Flexibility

Food and pharmaceutical producers are requiring cleaner, safer machine designs from their OEM machine builders. Machine designers must be familiar with current best practices for hygienically designed equipment.

​Download our whitepaper to discover five tips for designing and installing electric actuators in hygienic applications:

    1. Select hygienically designed actuators​
    2. Design the actuator into your open architecture machine/system​
    3. Properly install and handle electric actuators​
    4. Maintain and clean actuators​
    5. Understand integrated motor and non-integrated actuator designs​

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On-Demand: Best Practices for Designing Electric Actuators into Food Processing & Hygienic Equipment Webinar

RSH Hygienic Electric Rod Style Actuators

316 Stainless Steel Construction

Forces up to 7,943 lbf (35.3 kN)

IP69k, clean-in-place

RSH Video

IMA-S Hygienic Integrated Stainless Steel Servo Actuators

316 Stainless Steel Construction

Forces up to 2,500 lbs (11.1 kN)

IP69k, clean-in-place

IMA-S Video

ERD-SS2 Stainless Steel Electric Actuators

IP69k, clean-in-place

Forces up to 315 lbf (1.4 kN)

USDA and 3A hygienic design approved

ERD-SS2 Video