IMA-S Stainless Steel Servo Motor

Designed for the most demanding food and beverage applications

The IMA-S is a hygienically designed integrated electric servo actuator for the food and beverage processing industry. The IP69K hygienic design features all 316 stainless steel construction and hygienic fasteners/cord grips which allows for open machine designs and effective clean-in-place.

Supports Third Party Drive Integration

Tolomatic’s integrated motor products (IMA & IMAS) support integration with a wide range manufacturers’ servo drives.  Check back often to our Drive Integration Resource page as we will continue to add supporting documentation and motor files.  Tolomatic also supports seamless integration with Rockwell Automation through the use of approved custom motor files (CMF) and as a Technology and Encompass partner.  See our Tech Notes on using the CMF import tool and interfacing the IMA actuator and absolute encoder with Rockwell Automation servo drives.

The product line also includes the IMA-SA model which incorporates an internal anti-rotate feature eliminating the need for an external guidance mechanism making it a perfect actuator for applications such as volumetric filling and pumping.

Feedback options include multi-turn absolute encoders (Hiperface DSL, Hiperface Sin-Cos, EnDat 2.2), incremental encoder, and a resolver to integrate with most PLC or control systems. IMA-S servo motor has simple integration with Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) Kinetix platform through pre-existing motor files (CMF/BLB) for easy drive and PLC integration.

Improve your hygienic machine design with IMA-S food grade actuators

  • Provides complete control over speed and position at all times
  • Hygienic design to allow for food grade cleaning and sanitizing
  • Resists corrosion with 316 stainless steel body
  • Provides IP69k wash-down protection with blue seals/o-rings and hygienic fasteners/cord grips
  • Improves performance, flexibility and efficiency in comparison to fluid power technologies

IMA-S Maximum Stroke

Size IMA-S 22 IMA-S 33 IMA-S 33SA
Standard 12 in. 18 in. 12 in.
Metric 305 mm 457 mm 305 mm

IMA-S Maximum Force

Size IMA-S 22 IMA-S 33 IMA-S 33SA
Standard 325 lbf 2,500 lbf 2,500 lbf
Metric 1.45 kN 11.1 kN 11.1 kN

IMA-S Maximum Speed

Size IMA-S 22 IMA-S 33 IMA-S 33SA
Standard 19.6 in/sec 19.6 in/sec 19.6 in/sec
Metric 500 mm/sec 500 mm/sec 500 mm/sec

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IMA-S: Hygienic Integrated Servo Actuator Features

IMA-S Performance & Mechanical Specifications

IMA-S Perf., Mech. & Motor Specifications

Motor Specifications

Critical Speed & Screw Buckling Load-IMA-S

Relubrication, Side Load, Brake

IMA-S Dimensions

IMA-S Options Dimensions (MET, FFG, PCD)

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Challenge: Operation of door/gate to index vials prior to sealing.
Product Family: Electric Actuators
Product Used: IMAS

Inline Filling Machine

Application Description
Filling machine that requires frequent container changes and wash-down

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