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    Discover Tolomatic’s comprehensive automation solutions that cater to the specific requirements of the healthcare industry with a focus on reliability, customization, and efficiency.

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    White Paper:
    Medical Device Motion Design Considerations

    Linear actuators, in particular, electromechanical linear actuators, have become integral components of modern medical devices because of their high precision, accuracy, and ability to deliver repeatable motion control. This white paper explores some of the unique product and partner considerations to ensure successful device design.

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    Design Resources

    Design Engineers trust Tolomatic because we understand that your reputation and your products’ success rely on designing the right components into your systems.  Tolomatic will work with you wherever you are in your design process. Links below provide quick access.


    Concept Design:

    • On-line Sizing Software

    • Broad Configurable Product Catalog

    • Application Engineering Collaboration

    • Possible Product Modifications

    3-D Final Layout:


    • YMH (Your Motor Here)

    • On-line CAD Files

    Prototype Testing:

    • Tolomatic Lab

    • Field Prototypes

    • Iterative Design


    • Speed of Delivery

    • High Quality

    • High Duty Cycle / Critical Motion

    Tolomatic makes linear motion design easier. Put our online design tools and engineering resources to work on your linear actuator project challenges. Discover resources in this quick video.



    Modified & Custom Designs

    We offer 3 different levels of design options to find the right fit for your new medical product. Work directly with our engineering team to see options and evaluate pro’s and con’s.

    Standard Designs:

    • Standard product and standard options
    • On-line Sizing Software
    • Testing 1st article (Alpha/Beta) machine assembly (proof of concept unit)
    • Your Motor Here Flexibility
    • 3-D on-line CAD files Available

    Can’t find what you need for this design…?
    Modified Designs:

    • Modifying standard products or non-catalog options
    • Engineering discussions with Tolomatic
    • Factory provided quotes & pricing
    • Lab testing on actuator performance (component only)
    • Factory provided drawings

    STILL can’t find what you need for this design…?
    Custom Designs:

    • Complete customization (white sheet of paper)
    • Design engineering and development costs may apply
    • Only done for larger volumes
    • Factory acceptance testing of actuator


    Webinar: Application Wins
    in Life Sciences & Medical Production



    Customer Stories

    Medical & Life Sciences Stories

    Bottom line: What do customers have to say about working with us? Check it out…

    “Tolomatic’s ability to prototype rapidly and
    give us exactly what we needed made the choice easy.”

    Servo Fluid Injection Cardiac Catheterization

    “We work in a collaborative-partner relationship.
    That’s why we chose Tolomatic. They’re in the room
    helping us make the machines….” 

    Mask Manufacturing

    “The products delivered smooth, quiet motion
    capable of withstanding constant small vibrations
    and provided a cost-effective solution for machine resale.”

    VibeTech Rehabilitation Chair

    “By working closely with Tolomatic, we developed
    an all-in-one design that is the perfect fit for this application.”

    Hygienic Inline Filling Machine

    “Tolomatic was willing to work with us to provide
    a modified-standard solution that was also affordable.
    In addition, the design of Tolomatic’s actuators is very robust….”

    Pill Sorting


    Discover Tolomatic’s wide brand of linear motion control and power transmission products. Our corporate brochure provides a product overview.

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    RSH Hygienic Electric Rod Style Actuators

    316 Stainless Steel Construction

    Forces up to 7,943 lbf (35.3 kN)

    IP69k, clean-in-place

    RSH Video

    IMA-S Hygienic Integrated Stainless Steel Servo Actuators

    316 Stainless Steel Construction

    Forces up to 2,500 lbs (11.1 kN)

    IP69k, clean-in-place

    IMA-S Video

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