A dedicated team of sales professionals

Our dynamic team of Regional Sales Managers are dedicated to providing motion solutions for industrial automation challenges. With decades of experience in sales and engineering, our team is committed to collaborating closely with you to understand your project’s needs and provide mission-critical solutions. Contact your local Regional Sales Manager to begin achieving your automation goals.

Regional Sales Managers

Indiana, Michigan, Eastern Canada, Great Britain & Northern Europe

Email: keith_hogan@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (763) 478-7233


Pacific North West & Western Canada: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, & Western Canada

Email: robert_schweizer@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (763) 478-1185

West: Arizona, California, Nevada, & Utah

Email: bob_chunko@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (763) 478-7715

Central: Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, & Nebraska

Email: dave_schmidt@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (763) 478-7230

North Central: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, & Wisconsin

Email: jeff_brandt@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (763) 478-7228

North East: Connecticut,Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, & Vermont

Email: adam_farley@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (978) 302-8056

South East: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, & South Carolina

Email: brian_staines@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (763) 478-7231

East Central: Kentucky,  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, & West Virginia

Email: colton_moreland@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (763) 760-0591

South Central & Latin America: Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas & Latin America

Email: enrique_lugo@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (763) 478-7997

Continental Europe

Email: help@tolomatic.eu

Cell Phone: +49 (174) 316-3906

ServoWeld® Sales Team

Global Automotive Sales Leader

Email: frank_reuber@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (763) 452-0909

Jeff Wood

Sales Engineer – Automotive – USA & Canada

Email: jeff_wood@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: (952) 463-5391

Stephane Renaud-Betz

Sales & Service Engineer – Automotive – Continental Europe

Email: help@tolomatic.eu

Cell Phone: +49 (174) 316-3906

Giovanni Vargus

Sales & Service Engineer – Automotive – Mexico

Email: Giovanni_vargus@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: +52 (442) 824-1286

Marshall Chu

Key Account Manager – Automotive – China

Email: Marshall_Chu@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: 0086 17712651712

William Fan

Key Account Manager – Automotive – China

Email: William_Fan@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: 0086 17751112046

Shaun Lv

Key Account Manager – Automotive – China

Email: Shaun_Lv@tolomatic.com

Cell Phone: 18606216691

V.P. of Sales & Marketing

V.P. of Sales & Marketing

Email: andrew_zaske@tolomatic.com

Andy Zaske