Medical & Life Science Actuators

Electric Linear Actuators for Medical & Life Science Applications

Medical & Life Science Applications
with Electric Linear Actuators

Medical and Life Science equipment design engineers often face unique challenges and stringent regulatory requirements. The design cycle and time to market can be long and require extensive iterations along the way. Tolomatic has long-standing relationships with medical and life science equipment OEMs, proving that we are reliable partners who understand their challenges. We often deliver value-added services (subassembly) to simplify BOM’s for OEM’s/machine builders.

Our broad array of linear actuators meet everyday challenges in the medical field. Our standard actuator designs are stroke & option configurable.  Built-to-order, Built-to-last. But, if existing designs don’t exactly meet a unique challenge, our engineering team can design an actuator that does. Our greatest successes result from engineer-to-engineer collaboration with our customers to refine or create an entirely new medical linear actuator design.  Collaboration with customers is part of our DNA at Tolomatic. Let’s solve it together…start the conversation: Ask an Engineer.

When it comes to quality, Tolomatic has a strong quality culture backed by their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and the latest in inspection equipment. Headquartered in Minnesota USA, the company’s quality system is certified by DNV = ISO 9001=

Examples of Medical & Life Science Applications
for Tolomatic Electric Linear Actuators

Tolomatic electric linear actuators deliver clean, consistent, control of motion in applications ranging from patient care equipment to manufacturing processes for medical supplies. Some examples include:

  • Laboratory equipment – Gantries for pick & place in sample testing
  • Physical Therapy equipment – Positioning and resistance adjustment for patient rehabilitation
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing – Filling, depositing, aseptic liquid dispensing, sorting, packaging, blow molding
  • Catheter manufacturing – Material handling, positioning, coating
  • Medical supply production – Ultrasonic welding, cutting,  folding, material handling, packaging
  • Surgical procedure equipment – Patient positioning, injection of contrast media, steam, saline and other required substances, aspiration
  • Radiology equipment – Patient positioning, scanning, energy range control and radiation beam focus adjustment

Medical & Life Science Success Stories

Medical & Life Science Resources

Medical & Life Science Products

Food Processing / Filling Machine

Application Description
Filling machine that requires frequent container changes and wash-down

Thermal Ablation Medical System

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: ERD20
Product Type: Standard

Catheter Coating

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: Custom Electric Screw Actuator

Cardiac Catheterization

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: Rod-Style Actuator
Product Type: Custom

In-Clinic Medical Procedure

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA Rod Actuator

Pick & Place Gantry

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W Belt Drive Actuator


Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3S Screw Drive Actuator

Rehabilitation Chair

Challenge: Apply pressure points to counter muscle atrophy.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: ERD15

Radiation Treatment

Challenge: Electric actuator was used to adjust the focus of radiation beams used to treat cancer cells.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: Custom Electric Rod Style Actuator

Ultrasonic Welding Gantry System

Challenge: Applying ultrasonic welds to large medical waste bags
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W Linear Belt-Drive Actuator and IMA Linear Servo Actuators

Medical Manufacturing

Challenge: Accurately position small plastic tubes for coating.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3S Ball Screw Linear Actuators & MXB-P Heavy Duty Linear Actuator

Pill Sorter

Challenge: Automatic pill sorting for large retailers.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: MXB-P Heavy Duty Linear Actuator

Fluid Injection

Challenge: Fluid injection machine required very precise, consistent movement (speed & thrust) to meter injection of fluid.
Product Family: RSA
Product Used: RSA12

PPE (Mask) Manufacturing

Challenge: Create a new generation mask-making machine based on the automated workcell concept to improve efficiency, quality and throughput.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W Rodless Actuators & GSA Guided Rod Actuators

Exercise Equipment

Challenge: An OEM manufacturer that makes high end resistance weight training equipment for fitness facilities needed actuators that slowly push or pull to provide the exact amount of resistance for the exercise.
Product Family: Electric Rod-Style Actuator
Product Used: ERD

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Challenge: Operation of door/gate to index vials prior to sealing.
Product Family: Electric Actuators
Product Used: IMAS

B3W Actuators

B3W linear belt drive actuators have an enclosed ball bearing design for heavy loads, high bending moments, and long service life.

B3S Linear Actuators

Tolomatic B3S ball screw linear actuators have an enclosed ball bearing design that accommodates heavy loads, high bending moments to deliver long service life.

RSA-HT Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuators

The RSA-HT heavy duty electric rod linear actuator accommodates larger motors and delivers high force with excellent accuracy and high speed. These high force electric linear actuators feature ball or roller screw selections, an enhanced high thrust bearing, and heavy duty internal bumpers. The standard grease zerk extends screw life by making relubrication easy and convenient without disassembly. RSA-HT actuators are suitable for valve actuation, punch press, injection molding and a wide range of other application.

IMA Linear Servo Actuators

Electric rod actuator integrated with a servo motor in a single, compact design that integrates with 3rd party drives and accessories. Forces up to 8,044 lbf (35.8 kN).

IMA-S Stainless Steel Servo Motor

Combines a hygienic electric rod actuator and motor into one package. It is IP69K, built with 316 SST, and works with 3rd party drives and accessories. Forces up to 2,500 lbf (11.1 kN).

ERD Electric Cylinder Actuator

Economical electric rod cylinder that is compatible with NEMA & metric mount stepper and servo motors. Ideal for pneumatic replacement. Forces up to 500 lbf (2.2 kN).

MXB-P Actuators

Linear actuator that uses a profiled rail bearing and belt drive train to move heavy loads at high speeds. Loads up to 1,290 lbs (586 kg).