Semiconductor & Electronics

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: ERD15 & MXE40P

Crucible Lift Assembly

Application Description:
A crucible lift assembly for the manufacture of semiconductor chips for use in electrical components


MXE-S Screw Actuators

Screw driven electric rodless design with solid bearing carrier for a long service life ideal for moderate loads. Loads up to 520 lbs (236 kg).

MXE-P Screw Driven Actuators

Screw driven electric rodless design with profiled rail bearing system for large loads and high bending moments. Loads up to 1,290 lbs (586 kg).

ERD Low-cost Electric Cylinders for Pneumatic Cylinder Replacement

Economical electric rod cylinder that is compatible with NEMA & metric mount stepper and servo motors. Ideal for pneumatic replacement. Forces up to 500 lbf (2.2 kN).

ERD-SS2 Stainless Steel Electric Actuators with Integrated Motor

All stainless steel electric rod actuator that combines a motor in a protective enclosure for an all in one actuator and motor solution in an IP69k rated enclosure. Forces up to 320 lbf (1.4 kN).