B3S Linear Actuators

B3S ball screw linear actuators have an enclosed ball bearing design that accomodates heavy loads, high bending moments and delivers long service life.

The B3S ball screw linear actuator is capable of accommodating heavy loads and handling high bending moments with consistent, smooth operation. B3S ball screw actuators incorporate an enclosed recirculating ball bearing system that eliminates the need for external load guidance. The B3S ball screw linear actuator delivers repeatability and 100% duty cycle with long service life.

  • 3 body sizes
  • Ball or acme screw choices
  • Load carrying capacities up to 8032 lbf (35.7 kN)
  • Strokes up to 179 inches (4,547mm) depending on screw selections
  • US customary (standard) and metric (optional) construction
  • Mount your motor of choice with Tolomatic’s Your Motor Here® program

B3S Maximum Stroke

Size B3S 10 B3S 15 B3S 20
Standard 136 in 133 in 131 in
Metric 3,454 mm 3,378 mm 3,337 mm

B3S Maximum Force

Size B3S 10 B3S 15 B3S 20
Standard 170 lbf 800 lbf 2,700 lbf
Metric 756 N 3,559 N 12,010 N

B3S Maximum Load

Size B3S 10 B3S 15 B3S 20
Standard 591 lbs 1,454 lbs 2,008 lbs
Metric 268 kg 660 kg 911 kg

B3S Maximum Speed

Size B3S 10 B3S 15 B3S 20
Standard 60 in/sec 60 in/sec 60 in/sec
Metric 1,524 mm/sec 1,524 mm/sec 1,524 mm/sec

B3S Features

B3S Actuator Size, Weight & Screw Efficiency

B3S Specs Related to Actuator & Screw Size

B3S Screw Drive Specifications

B3S Acme Screw Critical Speed Capacities

B3S Ball Screw Critical Speed Capacities

B3S Acme Screw PV Limits

B3S Load Deflection, Support, & Friction

B3S Ball Screw Life Capacities

B3S Auxiliary Carrier Bending Moments

B3S Switch Performance & Wiring

B3S Switch Specifications

B3S10 Actuator & Options Dimensions

B3S15 Actuator & Options Dimensions

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B3S Mounting Dimensions Diagrams

B3S Reverse Parallel Mounting Dimensions

B3S10 Dual 180º Option Dimensions

B3S15 Dual 180º Option Dimensions

B3S20 Dual 180º Option Dimensions

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Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3S Screw Drive Actuator

Conveyor Case Packer Automation

Application Description:
Convert the conveyor packer, located at the end of the conveyor, from pneumatic cylinders to electric actuators. Motions required include: several high-speed push operations, a centering operation, a tipping operation, and a container lift operation.

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