MG Magnetic Linear Cylinders

Magnetic cylinders are an excellent choice for applications with environmental concerns.

The MG magnetic linear cylinder has no mechanical connection of the carrier to the piston resulting in easy rotation of its mounting block for mounting flexibility.

  • Magnetic coupling strengths up to 100 lbs (45.4 kg)
  • Field repairable design minimizes downtime
  • Fully enclosed actuator body for contaminant prevention

MG Magnetic Linear Cylinder Bore Size

Size MG 100
Standard 1.00 in
Metric 25 mm

MG Magnetic Linear Cylinder Max Stroke

Size MG 100
Standard 80 in
Metric 2,032 mm

MG Magnetic Linear Cylinder Max Force

Size MG 100
Standard 78 lbf
Metric 347 N

MG Magnetic Linear Cylinder Magnetic Strength

Size MG 100
Standard 100 lb
Metric 445 N