Industrial Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Tolomatic pneumatic linear actuators include industrial space-saving rodless designs in band-type, cable and magnetically coupled cylinder styles. Rod-style Power-Block™ pneumatic linear actuators or thrusters are perfect for short stroke applications.

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Pneumatic Linear Actuators

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MXP-N Compact Air Cylinders

MXP-N internal bearing compact air cylinder offers a space-saving design over typical rod type air cylinders.

MXP-S Air Cylinders

The MXP-S solid bearing long stroke pneumatic air cylinder offers a large carrier mounting pattern for load stability.

MXP-P Profiled Air Cylinders

MXP-P profiled rail air actuators offer high load carrying capacities, low profile and smooth motion.

BC3 Band Cylinder

Tolomatic BC3 heavy duty pneumatic actuators are designed specifically for large load carrying capacities.

BC2 Band Cylinder

BC2 pneumatic band cylinders provide multiple mounting options and a wide variety of load carrying capacities.

Double-Acting Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Tolomatic double acting pneumatic air cylinders offer a cost savings over Rod & Rodless cylinders when strokes exceed four feet and provide a versatile space-saving design.

Single Acting Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Single acting pneumatic air cylinders provide a cost saving advantage over double acting cylinders.

Double Purchase Pulley Actuators

Tolomatic double purchase pulley actuators double the velocity and stroke capacity of Tolomatic’s double acting cylinders without increasing space requirements. View the product details.

Track Cable Cylinders

A Track cable cylinders’s guide and support system can offer greater bearing surface than other types of cable cylinders and carry larger loads.

MG Magnetic Linear Cylinders

MG magnetic linear cylinders offer coupling forces up to 100 lbs (45.4 Kg) with an all enclosed cylinder design for contaminant protection.

MGS Magnetic Linear Slides

MGS magnetic linear slides offer coupling forces up to 70 lbs (31.8 Kg) and multi-ported block heads for flexible air connection.

Power-Block 2 Guided Air Cylinders

Power-Block 2 guided air cylinder offers stroke lengths up to 6 inches (154.2 mm) and thrusting capabilities over 470 lbs.

LS Linear Slide

LS pneumatic linear slides are an excellent choice for X-Y configurations or where space constraints are a factor.

Where Can Pneumatic Linear Actuators Be Used?

Pneumatic linear actuators offer rapid, cost-effective industrial linear motion solutions by utilizing compressed air, providing a design simplicity that is beneficial in equally straightforward motion systems.

Tolomatic actuators have been used for many different applications including:

What’s the Difference Between Band Cylinders, Cable Cylinders and Magnetic Linear Actuators?

Band cylinders, cable cylinders and magnetic cylinders are linear actuators that each offer their own particular benefits as part of a pneumatic motion system.

  • Band Cylinders have a carrier which supports attached loads and is directly attached to the piston. These cylinders utilize sealing and dust bands across the length to seal the piston and carrier connection point. This type of pneumatic actuator is best for most applications, especially those where external guides cannot be used.
  • Cable Cylinders are the first rodless actuator ever invented and use a pair of cables attached to an internal piston to move an external clevis mount. These pneumatic actuators are best for applications where there are external guides available or those requiring greater distance between the cylinder and the load being moved.
  • Magnetic Cylinders have the carrier magnetically connected to the internal piston. This makes for a completely remote connection with no material connection point, allowing the carrier to be uncoupled from the piston. These actuators are best for applications that require safety and a carrier that can be disconnected or in applications requiring ingress protection.

Why Tolomatic Industrial Pneumatic Linear Actuators?

Tolomatic provides a large variety of pneumatic rodless actuators that are built for reliability, endurance and customizability for all types of industrial applications.

Have application-specific questions? Talk directly with one of our Application Engineers to get them answered and more easily find the right product for your unique application.

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Tolomatic’s selection of high-quality, long-lasting industrial linear actuators goes beyond our pneumatic offerings. Designed to offer low-maintenance, high-performance motion solutions for a wide variety of industries, browse all of our linear motion products.