Product Feeder

Product Family: Electric

Product Used: RSA32 Screw-Drive Electric Rod-Style Actuators

Product Type: Standard

Application Description:

Product feeding in automotive tire manufacturing.   


A tire manufacturer was using hydraulic actuators to push tire cores down into a building machine.  They were experiencing issues with limited speed, position control, accuracy, repeatability and leaking fluids from their hydraulic system. 

Tolomatic Solution:

The RSA32 electric actuator was installed in place of their previous hydraulic cylinder to provide full control over motion profile. The control over accel/decel allowed increased speed and throughput. Once all the hydraulics were replaced the hydraulic power unit was removed freeing floor space and eliminating leaks which could contaminate product and also create a safety risk (slipping).

Customer Benefit:

  • Increased throughput with increased speed
  • Improved accuracy and repeatability with infinite positioning capability
  • Eliminated potential contamination and safety issues by leaking hydraulic fluids
  • Gained floor-space by elimination of sizable hydraulic power unit