Green Tire Transfer

Product Family: Electric

Product Used: RSA32 Screw-Drive Electric Rod-Style Actuators

Product Type: Standard

Application Description: 

Transferring tire in & out of curing station during automotive tire manufacturing.   


A tire manufacturer used pneumatic cylinders to control the process of placing green (raw) tires into a curing process, then onto a conveyor belt. The accel/decel of the cylinders could not be repeatably controlled, resulting in tire shifting after initial placement (3 – 4 seconds each), which added significant time to the process.  

Tolomatic Solution:

Tolomatic's RSA32 electric rod actuator allowed smooth acceleration and deceleration, eliminating the tire rocking issue, reducing the overall cycle time.

Customer Benefit:

  • Increased throughput with improved cycle time (by several seconds) for each tire
  • Increased flexibility of machine to better handle different tire sizes without manual changeover 
  • Lower electric utility costs with efficient electric actuator