Tire Reclamation

Product Family: Electric

Product Used: GSA24 Guided Rod-Style Screw-Drive Electric Actuators

Product Type: Standard

Application Description: 

Material reclamation from used tires for use in automotive tire manufacturing.   


Material reclamation from scrap tires was a significant financial opportunity for a tire manufacturer, if it could be done efficiently. They were previously using hydraulic cylinders but wanted to eliminate messy leaks, gain floor-space, and increase efficiency of operation.  

Tolomatic Solution:

At the tire reclamation station, a Tolomatic GSA24 guided rod-style ball screw electric actuator was attached to tooling with a shredding blade. This was used to strip the rubber away from the steel radial in the tires so material can be re-used. This helped achieve all the desired goals allowing the reclamation process to be completed effectively and efficiently.

Customer Benefit:

  • Durable electric actuator held up in demanding application
  • Efficient, accurate operation allowed for return on investment / project success
  • Eliminated messy leaks