Tire Inspection

Product Family: Electric

Product Used: MXB63P Profiled Rail, Belt-Drive Electric Rodless Actuator

Product Type: Standard

Application Description:

Indexing tires for verification by a camera system during the manufacturing process.   


A manufacturer of large commercial truck tires was using a large hydraulic cylinder to index tires for verification by a camera system.  When verification was complete, the tire was kicked out to a sorter.  In this 24/7 operation, the hydraulic system was a production constraint because it was slow and not repeatable.  Additionally, the hydraulic cylinder system occasionally leaked, requiring continual attention for cleaning to avoid a potential fall hazard.  

Tolomatic Solution:

Tolomatic's MXB63P provided enough thrust to move the large tires regardless of orientation and also significantly reduced the operation cycle time. The all electric solution removed all hydraulics and eliminated the leaks, mess and potential slip hazards.

Customer Benefit:

  • Increased throughput with faster speeds and better repeatability
  • Eliminated messy leaks and associated potential fall hazards 
  • Higher efficiency machine (lower electric utility costs)