Ultrasonic Welding

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: Custom
Product Type: Custom

Application Requirements
Stroke: 30 mm
Thrust: 60 lbf

Application Description: 
Weld head positioning for ultrasonic welding

A machine builder wanted to improve the consistency and throughput on an ultrasonic welding machine used to position weld heads in the automotive industry. A pneumatically guided cylinder needed to be replaced with a cost-effective electric solution that would extend product life and minimize component and assembly issues. Company engineers had designed several prototypes but there were way too many parts.

Tolomatic Solution:
Tolomatic worked with the customer’s design engineers to develop a guided rod electric actuator. The design decreased misalignment between the bearing rods and ball screw. Additionally, the design also improved rigidity in the machinery’s ultrasonic welding head and reduced system deflection.

Customer Benefit:

  • Improved machine performance
  • Cost and time reduction