Animatronic Camera for Attraction

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: JVLI Integrated Servo Motor and ERD Actuator
Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements
Stroke: 3 inches
Speed: 6 – 8 in/sec
Load: 25 lbs

Application Description: 
Digital camera positioning for a popular attraction.

An amusement park attraction required the positioning of a large and heavy camera in a very tight space. Separate controls cabinets were undesirable and minimal use of cabling and motion control drive components were required to increase a pleasant attraction experience. Maintenance free operation was a must.

Tolomatic Solution:
The JVLServo Motor with Integrated drive combined with the ERD actuator provides a complete motion solution (actuator + motor + drive)
The Tolomatic solution was chosen for its compact size, maintenance free ball screw design, and ease of system integration. Simple set-up and configuration software made implementation easy and closed loop positioning enabled proper positioning of the camera every time with minimal electric components.

Customer Benefit:

  • All-in-one actuation solution that eliminated sourcing additional electric components
  • Easy, clean actuator installation with minimal maintenance
  • Enhanced attraction aesthetics by eliminating separate control enclosures