Agriculture & Forestry

Animal Health

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: ERD SS2 & ACS Stepper Driver

Saw Mill

Challenge: Moving saw blade for log cutting
Product Family: RSA
Product Used: RSA64

Pulp & Paper Process: Roll Brushes

Challenge: Brush cleaning the rollers in a pulp and paper processing machine.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: MXB-S

Roller Positioning on Timber Planer

Challenge: Eliminate hydraulics to position rollers on a timber planer
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA64 HT

Kiln In-feed Control

Challenge: A lumber processing equipment company needed to replace existing hydraulic cylinders used to control the feed rate of lumber carts as they entered a drying kiln.
Product Family: RSX
Product Used: RSX096

Fence Guide

Challenge: A lumber processing equipment company needed to replace existing hydraulic cylinders used in a fencing application in order to achieve flexible positioning, reduce maintenance / contamination, and lower energy consumption.
Product Family: IMA
Product Used: IMA33

CT Scanning Gantry

Challenge: Equine X-ray CT imaging with rapid 3D imaging of the lower limbs and head without subjecting the horse to general anesthesia.
Product Family: Electric Rodless Actuator
Product Used: MXE-S

ERD-SS2 Stainless Steel Electric Actuators with Integrated Motor

All stainless steel electric rod actuator that combines a motor in a protective enclosure for an all in one actuator and motor solution in an IP69k rated enclosure. Forces up to 320 lbf (1.4 kN).

RSA-HT Heavy Duty, High Force Electric Rod Actuators

High force, heavy duty electric rod actuators ideal for mounting large motors. Replace hydraulic cylinders with the RSA-HT with a roller screw option in challenging environments. Forces up to 13,000 lbf (58.0 kN).

MXB-S Linear Belt Drive Actuator

Compact belt drive linear actuator for use in applications requiring light to moderate load carrying with guidance and high speeds. Loads up to 520 lbs (236 kg).

RSX Extreme Force Electric Linear Actuators

Hydraulic-class electric linear actuators that are roller screw driven, and provide extreme forces, precision, and long life. Ideal for hydraulic replacement. Forces up to 50,000 lbf (222.2 kN).

IMA Linear Servo Actuators

Electric rod actuator integrated with a servo motor in a single, compact design that integrates with 3rd party drives and accessories. Forces up to 6,900 lbf (30.6 kN).

RSX096 Press Electric Linear Actuators

Extreme force electric linear actuator that is more efficient, reliable and precise than hydraulic cylinders in pressing applications with forces up to 40,000 lbf (177.93 kN).

MXE-S Screw Actuators

Screw driven electric rodless design with solid bearing carrier for a long service life ideal for moderate loads. Loads up to 520 lbs (236 kg).