Posted by Ryan Klemetson on November 2, 2021

Small yet beefy

An internal servo motor makes for a smart, heavy duty and compact electric actuator package, one that is easy to retrofit or install new.

Posted by Tolomatic on May 1, 2018

Chilly or scorching: linear servo actuator works in all temps

Machine designers know the problems hydraulic cylinders have in cold and hot weather – sluggish response due to thicker oil on the one hand and extensive maintenance downtime on the other caused by frequent seal failure. Plus, there’s the always-present threat of a costly fluid leak. An electric linear servo actuator can solve these challenges and lower operating costs at the same time.

Posted by Tolomatic on November 28, 2017

Extreme force electric linear actuator controls lumber drying

The lumber processing industry demands rugged, strong, reliable and accurate equipment in all its operations. Machine designers who serve this industry need extreme force linear actuators to move heavy loads.  Hydraulic cylinders have been the go-to, but they have limitations, such as poor control, leaks, temperature sensitivity, maintenance requirements and lack of feedback. Now there are electric rod actuators powered by roller screws that can meet the requirements of these high force applications.

Posted by Tolomatic on August 8, 2017

Electric high force linear actuator is tough enough to process lumber

The lumber industry has relied on the toughness and high force capabilities of hydraulic cylinders for years.  But lately that reliance has been shaken.  Hydraulic cylinders leak and can contaminate the fragile eco-systems in which lumber processing operates.  Plus, hydraulic systems are only 40-55% efficient and cylinders require frequent maintenance.  When combined, these factors can make hydraulic cylinders an expensive choice in the long run.

The introduction of electric high force linear actuators has given the lumber industry a new option for linear motion.

Posted by Tolomatic on October 4, 2016

High force linear actuator: electric replaces hydraulic

It used to be that when a machine designer was confronted with a high force linear actuator application, the only solution was a hydraulic cylinder.  That meant the designer had to factor in the bulky hydraulic power unit (HPU), the inevitable leaks of hydraulic fluid and the downtime produced by frequent maintenance.

Now there’s another option when a high force linear actuator is needed. There are electric linear actuator products that can meet demanding specifications with ease.