SWA/SWB ServoWeld® Integrated Actuators

ServoWeld® SWA & SWB integrated servo spot welding Actuators offer light weight with high performance

Tolomatic’s ServoWeld family of lighter weight integrated servo motor actuators for resistance spot welding (RSW) provide a cost-effective actuator design and best-in-class performance. SWA/B actuators provide users the lowest lifetime cost (lowest cost per spot weld) by providing the highest quality welds (best force repeatability) combined with the longest lasting actuators. ServoWeld SWA/B integrated servo spot welding actuators are highly efficient and the broad product family has many choices to optimize weight and performance.

SWA/SWB integrated servo motor actuators offer:

  • 20+ million cycles for SWA models and 10+ million cycles for SWB
  • Standard roller screw with highest dynamic load rating for more welds over competing roller screws, ball screws or pneumatic actuators
  • Skewed motor windings designed for welding minimizes motor cogging for the best force repeatability
  • Light-weight actuator design
  • Forces to 4,000 lbf (17.8 kN)
  • Optional water cooling

SWA/SWB Max Stroke

Size 3 4
Standard 6 in. 12 in.
Metric 152 mm 305 mm

SWA/SWB Max Force

Size 3 4
Standard 2,500 lbf 4,950 lbf
Metric 11.1 kN 22.0 kN

SWA/SWB Max Speed

Size 3 4
Standard 23 in/sec 23 in/sec
Metric 584 mm/sec 584 mm/sec

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