Integrated servo motor simplifies sourcing electric linear motion

By Tolomatic on March 5, 2019

bottling plantDesigners at industrial automation OEMs hunt for ways to save time and money in their projects. Keeping costs down is crucial since most automation OEM customers are careful about how they invest budgets.

An OEM’s component sourcing strategy will impact the final cost of a piece of automation equipment. While it can seem best to source parts from multiple suppliers, the time and cost involved in sourcing and integrating parts can raise the total machine cost significantly.

Using a single-source approach and integrated components, like an integrated servo motor and controller for an electric linear motion system, can save time and money in the long run. For an explanation of the benefits of single-source versus multi-source arrangements for electric linear motion systems, see our new white paper, Single-Axis Motion Control Systems: Multi Sourced vs. Single Sourced. Download your copy here.


OEM needs flexible, affordable positioning

A robotic packaging solutions manufacturer was developing a new bottle-filling system. The bottle-filler required an automated linear motion system to position cases of empty bottles on a conveyor prior to filling. The system needed to accommodate 18,000 different carton configurations, so the linear motion system had to be flexible and configurable to handle changeovers.  Speed and flexibility were primary considerations for all components.

The engineers at the OEM had already designed the panel space for the existing linear motion system’s controls. They were looking for a system that would fit the existing space, so the new linear motion control system needed to accept an analog signal without additional controls and hardware or modifications to the panel space and design.Integrated servo motor/controller with electric actuator

The OEM needed to keep its machine costs in line to stay competitive. Plus, it wanted to offer customers the lowest possible cost of ownership by offering an efficient electric solution rather than pneumatic.


Integrated servo motor with electric actuator provides solution

The design engineers worked with us to specify our ACSI integrated servo motor-drive-controller and ERD electric rod actuator for the application. Together, the ACSI integrated motor and ERD electric actuator offer a complete electric linear motion solution that’s quick and easy to reconfigure for various package sizes. Changeovers for the many case configurations are hassle-free.

The ERD actuator with ACSI motor (onboard servo drive) is a compact package that saves valuable control cabinet space. The ACSI integrated motor/drive/controller with its digital I/O and analog input integrates easily into the control system.

The OEM can now offer a high-performance bottle filling/case handling system that keeps operating costs low. The electric linear motion system is long lasting, highly energy efficient and low maintenance, making its cost of ownership low.


ACSI integrated servo motor/drive/controllerACSI integrated servo motor/drive/controller

The ACSI integrated motor and controller is a cost-effective solution for automating axes of motion. The ACSI’s integrated design saves space in a machine by eliminating a drive in a cabinet. The ACSI can be controlled over Ethernet or with simple digital I/O or analog input.

With built-in configurations for all Tolomatic electric actuators, the ACSI integrated motor/drive/controller creates linear motion quickly and easily. When ordered with a Tolomatic actuator, the ACSI is mounted to the actuator, configured and tested as a system.

ACSI is available in many industrial Ethernet protocols:  EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, EtherCat.

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Cutaway image of ERD electric cylinder


ERD electric rod actuators

The ERD is an economical electric linear actuator (cylinder) that is compatible with many NEMA and metric stepper and servo motors. When paired with the ACSI integrated motor/drive/controller, an ERD actuator creates a flexible, powerful, cost-effective electric linear motion solution that out-performs traditional pneumatic cylinders in flexibility and cost.

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An ACSI integrated servo motor paiintegrated servo motor/controller with actuatorsred with any Tolomatic actuator creates a precise and versatile single-source solution for electric linear actuation. Download our white paper, Single-Axis Motion Control Systems: Multi Sourced vs. Single Sourced, for an overview of how a single-source approach and integrated components, like an integrated motor, can save time and money in the long run.