Construction Material Test Mechanism

A distributor was approached by a customer requesting a powerful and versatile actuator that could be configured in multiple ways to fit their existing equipment.

Product Used: RSX Extreme Force Rod-Style Electric Actuator
Product Type:Modified Standard

Measurement & Inspection

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSA

Weld Inspection

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W Belt Drive Actuator

Tire Inspection

Challenge: Indexing tires for verification by a camera system during the manufacturing process.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: MXB63P Profiled Rail, Belt-Drive Electric Rodless Actuator

Tire Geometry Inspection

Challenge: Laser measurement and inspection during tire manufacturing.
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: MXE25S Rodless Screw Drive Electric Actuator with Solid Bearing

Tire Inspection Press

Challenge: Replace hydraulics in a tire inspection press
Product Family: Electric
Product Used: RSX096 Extreme Force Rod-Style Electric Actuator

B3W Actuators

B3W linear belt drive actuators have an enclosed ball bearing design for heavy loads, high bending moments, and long service life.

RSA-HT Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuators

The RSA-HT heavy duty electric rod linear actuator accommodates larger motors and delivers high force with excellent accuracy and high speed. These high force electric linear actuators feature ball or roller screw selections, an enhanced high thrust bearing, and heavy duty internal bumpers. The standard grease zerk extends screw life by making relubrication easy and convenient without disassembly. RSA-HT actuators are suitable for valve actuation, punch press, injection molding and a wide range of other application.

MXB-P Actuators

Linear actuator that uses a profiled rail bearing and belt drive train to move heavy loads at high speeds. Loads up to 1,290 lbs (586 kg).

MXE-S Linear Actuators

Screw driven electric rodless design with solid bearing carrier for a long service life ideal for moderate loads. Loads up to 520 lbs (236 kg).