Weld Inspection

Product Family: Electric
Product Used: B3W belt drive actuator
Product Type: Standard & Modified

Application Requirements:
Stroke: <120 inches
Speed: <200 in/sec.
Load: <200 lbs

Application Description: 
Measuring and controlling industrial weld quality.

A machine designed for the automated inspection of butt welds in steel mill coils needed a system that integrated either with the welder trimmer of flash butt welders or to the welding head on the laser welder. The system needed to be cost-effective, reliable and required an aggressive delivery schedule. The application location is considered to be a harsh environment because of the metal shavings and dust created from the welding process.

Tolomatic Solution:
B3W20 belt drive actuator was selected because of the large load, faster speed requirements and its enclosed belt design. Due to the harsh operating environment, the actuator was modified to include a purge port to prevent residue buildup and actuator contamination.

Customer Benefit:

  • Fast delivery of catalog product by Tolomatic met project schedule
  • Reliable machine operation with sealed electric actuator prevented ingress of metal shavings