Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement with Electric Rod-Style Actuator Application Worksheet

Use the Tolomatic sizing and selection software available online or call Tolomatic at 1-800-328-2174. We will provide any assistance needed to determine the proper actuator for the job.

System Details

Please reference the Tolomatic Hydraulic Replacement Ebook for methods to determine actuator needs. This worksheet will focus on the pressure method, where pressures into and out of the cylinder are measured. It is also possible to use standard Electric Rod-Style sizing methods, but that typically requires more detailed application information than is available.

Video Recorded?

Video Recorded – Yes
Video Recorded – No

Location of pressure taps:

Location of pressure taps – At Control Valve
Location of pressure taps – Between Control Valve and Cylinder
Location of pressure taps – At Cylinder
Location of pressure taps – System Pressure Only
Cylinder Bore Diameter – inches
Cylinder Bore Diameter – Millimeters
Rod Diameter – inches
Rod Diameter – Millimeters
Stroke Length – inches
Stroke Length – Millimeters

Operating Parameters

System Pressure – psi
System Pressure – bar
Extend Working Pressure – psi
Extend Working Pressure – bar
Extend Back Pressure – psi
Extend Back Pressure – bar
(in seconds)
Retract Working Pressure – psi
Retract Working Pressure – bar
Retract Back Pressure – psi
Retract Back Pressure – bar
(in seconds)
Max. file size: 256 MB.

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