Sheet Cake Sorting

Product Family: Pneumatic
Product Used:  MGS Magnetic Linear Slide
Product Type:    Modified Standard

Application Requirements
Stroke: 32 in.

View the sheet cake sorter in action:

Application Description:  
Transferring frozen cakes to a packaging station.

A food manufacturer needed to transfer frozen cakes of various sizes from a conveying line to a packaging station. A pneumatic actuator was preferred to easily incorporate into the existing pneumatic system. The actuator needed to be wash-down capable with a compact profile to fit into the existing machine design.

Tolomatic Solution:
An MGS magnetic linear slide was selected with all exterior components in stainless steel to withstand the required daily wash-down. The rodless design of the MGS provided a compact footprint that easily fit within the confines of the existing equipment.  

Customer Benefit:
•    Minimal equipment modifications
•    Efficient and fast clean-up process
•    Cost-effective solution with fast delivery