Restore – ServoWeld™ Repair Program

Factory-authorized re-manufacturing services for ServoWeld™ actuators from Tolomatic

Program Overview

Maintaining uptime is a top priority for optimized manufacturing environments. And it becomes more challenging when maintenance staff is reduced and spare parts inventories are under pressure. Partnering with a service provider who is responsive and reliable provides assurance you will have the equipment you need when you need it. The RESTORE program is intended to enable customers with large actuator fleets to update them to the most current factory specifications.

Program Features & Benefits


Streamlined process to avoid
unnecessary paper work and delays



Reuses 60% of actuator
components reducing waste as
well as required resources


Substantial savings (up to 40%)
compared to full replacement



100% tested and certified with
a 12 month warranty

How it Works

1. Establish your
service account

2. Request RMA

3. Ship Actuators
to a Tolomatic
Service Center

4. Actuators are
Returned in
Re-certified Condition


What’s Included?

  • New, Tolomatic certified, original performance components
  • Actuator re-assembly and functional test


  • Restoration to up-to-date factory specifications
  • Verified mechanical and electrical functions
  • Complete Actuator is Re-Certified with 12 Month Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my actuator cannot be repaired?

  • Sometimes actuators have sustained damage to a degree that repair is no longer
    economically feasible.

    • For example, actuators that exhibit significant water ingress will not, typically, be
      repaired because of corrosion of inner components. In these instances, it may
      not be economical to replace all the affected parts.

What if the cost of repair is more than buying new?

  • If an actuator has additional components that need replacement above-and-beyond covered re-manufacturing and the total cost approaches that of a new unit: Tolomatic will contact the customer to determine the right path forward.

Are there items that are not included in the standard program?

  • Following are examples of items that are not considered part of the standard RESTORE

    • Feedback device (Resolver or Encoder)
    • Brakes
    • Force sensors or amplifiers
    • Actuator head or back plate
    • Water cooling plates

Your RESTORE Service Team

  • Expert life cycle service for your fleet of ServoWeld™ actuators.

  • Experienced factory technicians, certified and trained in actuator restoration.

  • Our priority – Maximizing the productivity of your welding equipment.

Restore Service Locations

USA – Headquarters
Tolomatic Inc.
3800 County Road 116
Hamel, MN 55340, USA
Phone: (763) 478-8000
Toll-Free: 1-800-328-2174
Centro de Servicio
Parque Tecnológico Innovactión
Int. 23, Lateral Estatal 431,
Santiago de Quéretaro,
El Marqués, México, C.P. 76246
Phone: +1 (763) 478-8000
Tolomatic Europe GmbH
Elisabethenstr. 20
65428 RÜsselsheim
Phone: +49 6142 17604-0
Tolomatic Automation Products
(Suzhou) Co. Ltd.
No. 60 Chuangye Street, Building 2
Huqiu District, SND Suzhou
Jiangsu 215011 – R.P. China
Phone: +86 (512) 6750-8506