TRS Twin Profile Rail Precision XY Stages

The TRS twin profile rail XY linear stage actuator has an enclosed design built for precision, accuracy and high rigidity. This linear stage is designed to minimize overall machine footprint and is stroke configurable to maximize motion table design flexibility. Available in 100, 165, & 225 sizes and capable of handling loads up to 4,320lb (1,960 kg).

  • Strokes up to 86.6in (2,200mm)
  • Travel speeds up to 50in/s (1,270 mm/s)
  • Load carrying capacities up to 4,320lb (1,960 kg).
  • Mount your motor of choice with Tolomatic’s Your Motor Here® program
  • Roller Nut Lead Accuracy: ± 0.0004in/ft (± 0.0102mm/300mm)
  • Ball Nut Lead Accuracy: ± 0.004in/ft (± 0.100 mm/300mm)

Contact Tolomatic for more moment loading capability or higher speed requirements. Select alternative sizes and belt-drive designs available based on application.

TRS Maximum Stroke

Size TRS 100 TRS 165 TRS 225
Standard 29.5 in 43.3 in 86.6 in
Metric 750 mm 1,100 mm 2,200 mm

TRS Maximum Force

Size TRS 100 TRS 165 TRS 225
Standard 562 lbf 562 lbf 2,828 lbf
Metric 2,500 N 2,500 N 14,880 N

TRS Maximum Load

Size TRS 100 TRS 165 TRS 225
Standard 1,085 lbs 1,356 lbs 4,320 lb
Metric 492 kg 615 kg 1,960 kg

TRS Maximum Speed

Size TRS 100 TRS 165 TRS 225
Standard 34 in/sec 36 in/sec 50 in/sec
Metric 863.6 mm/sec 910 mm/sec 1,270 mm/sec

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TRS Features

Additional Info

The TRS Twin profile rail linear stage actuator has an enclosed design — built to be highly rigid, easily configurable and designed for precision. For flexibility of use, this XY servo table is stroke configurable on both axes to minimize overall machine footprint. Additional features include:

  • Carrier-to-carrier mounting for multi-axis systems with reduced component needs
  • Twin rails with two bearings each that minimize deflection for high rigidity and precise positioning during linear movement of the actuator
  • Multiple screw technologies to meet various application needs, such as thrust, life rating and system efficiency
  • Contamination reduction within the actuator via positive pressure breather/purge points, stainless steel dust bands, and IP44 rated construction”

For quick and easy installation, Tolomatic’s Your Motor Here program allows you to select the motor of your choice and your actuator comes with the appropriate mounting plates and couplers.

TRS Actuator & Screw Specifications

TRS Actuator, Carrier to Carrier Specs

TRS Tube Support; TRS 110,165 Critical Speed

TRS 100,165 Life; TRS 225 Critical Speed

TRS Bending Moments, Load Deflection

TRS 225 MSS Option & Screw Life

TRS Switches Part 1

TRS Switches Part 2

TRS Dimensions Top View

TRS End & Bottom Views

TRS Reverse Parallel (RP) Motor Mount

TRS Options

Use the straightforward Your Motor Here online tool to determine the right Tolomatic actuator for your application based on your preferred mounting configuration and motor manufacturer, series and model.

Tolomatic has partnered with JVL to provide integrated servo and stepper motors paired with Tolomatic’s broad range of configurable actuators. Learn more about the partnership and integrated motor feature here.

TRS Selection Guidelines

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